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My friend just shut down all of my plans for today - sigh -
Tfw when you're so bored you try to put a Rolo from your nose into your mouth. 
Hey guys, I need someone to draw a rough sketch of a charrie for me. It'd have to be coloured, but about three colours is all that will be used for a pelt and two colours for the eyes.
Can someone please note me? Kind of in a sad mood rn.
Hello everyone!
So recently I locked myself out of my IPod, the device I use regularly to get on Deviantart. My friend has been letting me use her phone, which I'm grateful for,  but I only use dA.
Since I can't get on any RP websites, I'm
opening up my dA for RPs! They'll have to be by notes, since comments are confusing on

I really want to RP Warriors and things similar to that, but human roleplays are also fine with me!
I may use random characters since I don't have all my references, apologizes.
I'm open to plots. Here is my rules and regulations;;

(1) No being rude or inappropriate. Sorry, but I don't appreciate extremely inappropriate behavior and/or rudeness.

(2) Please try to mirror my posts. I really hate when people reply with "Vivienne looked down." as, what am I supposed to reply with? "Chad looked at her." Just typing it gives me the chills.

(3) Sorry, but no smut. Small cuss words, hell and damn, are allowed, but no more than that.

(4) I like role playing realistic, so if we're doing a realistic roleplay, no "girl with natural blue hair" or "she-cat with extremely bright pink fur". It also doesn't mean that in slightly unrealistic roleplays, such as elemental humans/fae, does not mean EXTREMELY unrealistic characters.

(5) No god-modding or playing my characters. It's a pet peeve of mine when people go, "I freaked out as she approached." When I didn't post that 'she' approached. And no, "He dodged a blow and then went under, upper cutting her. When she was on the floor, he stomped on her, before getting on top her, pummeling her face. Then he blah blah blah and then blah blah blah." What does my character do, stay perfectly still? Sorry, but no thanks.

Seems like all. Post ideas below and I'll send you a note if I say yes!


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United States
hello my baby
hello my darlin'
hello my ragtime gal!


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Looking to buy a Viscet Custom, Tier 2!

By the way, go and check out the Viscet community. We're located here and on Chicken Smoothie. Whichever way you do, please say I refer you. Squeeze is my username. c:

Special thanks to everyone who donates.

NOTE;; Although it says 1100 out of 1900, I have not received any.

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